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Q: Aeson, did you ever got in the hospital because of the drugs?

A: Yes, one or two times, already.
But why the well do you care about that?

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People should appreciate more what they have around there.

( and I liked it so much that I decided to save the better version of it. here )

also, boy, that hair…

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42 questions on my askblog

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TMI Tuesday


ask any character all you want~

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Go make some questions to my characters! please?


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My Apologies


I really wanted to apology for take so damn long on answering all the questions…;;

but I’ve been really busy with school
and even if this is the last week of school I had a lot of works as well OTL”

but at last I’ll be on vacations after Friday
just that not really because OOPS EXAMS………….

but at least I’ll be more free to slowlyanswer the questions!!
I mean. I am drawing some of them now dflkjdh uvu;;

SO if you want, feel free to lolspamz me with more questions o/

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both characters list actualized and re-organized ~

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And I miss you as well…!

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